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Default Effect of frequent Res64 output

Timing runs on LL DC on the same 51M exponent and old 32-bit hardware with prime95 29.4b7 yield conflicting information on the cost of a Res64 output as a multiple of an ordinary iteration. The res64 cost is estimated as 7/8 to 4 times an iteration. Note that because of numbering skew between prime95 and other conventions, prime95 outputs res64 at 3 successive iterations, with cost ~3.1 to 12 times an iteration. The lower value is based on prime95-provided timings per iteration, the higher value on prime95-provided time stamp of 1 second resolution of the res64 output line.

An initial attempt to make a similar measurement on an i7-8750H with UHD630 igp in prime95 v29.4b8 x64 yielded negative per-res64 cost in two tries. I speculate this was an interaction with mfakto running at the same time on the same chip package power budget. Performance monitor indicates the cpu utilization drops considerably when frequent interim residue output is enabled.

A retest, with the UHD630 mfakto instance halted, yielded timings that indicate a cost per PRP3 res64 interim output on the i7-8750H system of 2.7 seconds, equivalent to 263. iterations, on an 83M primality test. One of the 6 cores stays very busy while the rest are only used at a low duty cycle when outputting an interim residue every 10 iterations. This cut throughput from 96.6 iter/sec to 3.54 iter/sec, a rather severe 96.3% reduction. The estimated effect on run time for the exponent when producing interim residues for the primenet server at 5,000,000 iteration intervals is about 45 seconds, 52ppm of run time. The retest was brief, taking 48 seconds for iterations with interim residues, and 114 seconds without, so accuracy is no better than a percent or two. Note also the cpu clock was not held constant during the test. In this case the agreement between time stamp based rates and program-computed ms/iter was very good, ~1/4%.

Another test, on a dual-xeon-e5-2690 system, v29.6b6 x64 on Win10, 4 cores/worker, 83.9M PRP tests, gave ~305 iterations/interim residue64, 3.45 sec/interim residue, or around 61ppm for the default 5,000,000 iteration interval. The preceding figure ignores the initial 500K-iteration interim residue, which raises the impact a bit to 65ppm for ~84M exponents, and somewhat more for DC exponents.

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