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Default Final Exynos 8890 and Helio X25 benchmarks

Found the issue with the Helio X25 testing, the cable was limiting draw to 1A for unknown reasons, with a different cable it's now drawing what it needs which is ~7.69W under load. If it actually had ~5W draw it looked to be trading blows with the S7 efficiency wise (but not throughput) which I put down to less overhead per core making up for the process, but now that the proper power draw has been measured we see it has lower throughput than an S7 at higher power draw. The Exynos 8890 is ~60% more efficient at 2560K and ~50% more efficient at 4608K. The Helio X25 seems to scale better with FFT but that's irrelevant for the useful ranges.

Originally Posted by retina View Post
If you can, then I suggest to remove the battery from the system. Long term it will die anyway. So unless you have a source of new batteries every few years then you will at some point have to deal with having no available battery. Might as well deal with it now IMO.
The back glass is smashed on this device so I can't remove the battery without destroying the back. Given how poorly it compares to the S7's I'm just going to sell it but I take your point for the future.

                                     Combined Synthetic* Timings (msec/iter)
SoC          Model        Power (W)  1024K  2560K  4608K  7680K  18432K 
Exynos 8890  Samsung S7   6.82       13.71  38.26  72.54  128.82 394.55
Helio X25    Elephone S8  7.69       21.55  54.62  96.17  163.34 477.80
Redid the Exynos 8890 tests with 8 single core workers and used 5 dual core workers on the Helio X25 as it was faster in that config than 10 single core workers. It looks like the 20nm of the Helio X25 doesn't do it any favours compared to the Exynos's 14nm. Makes me hopeful for the performance of the 10nm and 7nm models released this year and last year.
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