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Default The GIMPS era (1996 and forward)

(in approximate chronological order of earliest contribution)

Luke Welsh Mersenne Research Inc. board member. Author of oiler.for.

George Woltman (Prime95) 1957- American founder of GIMPS, author of prime95, mprime and other variants, and the fastest known math library for multiplication of large and extremely large integers, and occasional contributor to some GPU software. Coauthor of the PrimeNet API. Mersenne Research Inc. board member and corporate officer. Coauthor of a paper on improved prime pairing in P-1, P+1 and ECM factoring. Continues to improve prime95 / mprime after more than 25 years since its initial release.

Duncan Booth, creator of the first PrimeNet version (announced 30 Sep 1996 on the Mersennes mailing list

Scott Kurowski creator of a succession of versions of the PrimeNet software enabling automatic work assignment and results submission over the internet. Coauthor of the PrimeNet API. Mersenne Research Inc. board member and corporate officer.

Aaron Blosser (Madpoo) PrimeNet server administrator

James Heinrich creator and maintainer of, repository of myriad Mersenne hardware benchmarks and factorization database for Mersenne numbers above the 109 bound, currently going up to 1010.

Brian Beesley was instrumental in the prime95 QA effort, launched after the discovery of the prime95V17 shift bug, that continued into V20, advising on how to test, and providing ftp server and storage and test hardware on different chip architectures, along with participating as a paired tester.

Ernst Mayer (ewmayer) Author of Mlucas and Mfactor

Guillermo Ballester Valor, Author of glucas, used to confirm primality of some Mersenne primes

Mike (Xyzzy) creator/maintainer

Shoichiro Yamada (msft) Original author of both CUDALucas and clLucas

Oliver Weihe (TheJudger) Author of Mfaktc

Andrew Thall
Author of gpulucas

Bertram Franz (Bdot) creator of Mfakto by porting Mfaktc to OpenCL and added some enhancements, some of which were backported to Mfaktc (worktodoadd for example)

Bill Winslow (Dubslow) and
Jerry Hallet (flashjh) Maintainers of CUDALucas

(firejuggler) Author of CUDAPm1

User TJAOI, using a different trial factoring approach, systematically, and finding factors prime95, Mfaktc, or Mfakto missed.

Aaron Haviland (ah42) coded bug fixes and refinements in gpulucas and CUDAPm1

Gord (GP2) Author of the cloud computing guides for Amazon and Google, and summary of Microsoft cloud computing offerings

Chad Kunde (SnoProblem) Author of Mersenne Manager software for clLucas and Mfakto client management

(jfamestad) Author of gimps_getter software for trial factoring client management

(teknohog) Author of mfloop for Mfakto trial factoring and llloop for clLucas ll test client management

Scott LeMieux (swl551) Author of Misfit software for trial factoring client management

Chris Halsall
(chalsall) Author of submit_spider for gpu trial factoring client management; creator of gputo72 subproject server

Mihai Preda (preda) Author of gpuowl. Has implemented LL, PRP3, Jacobi check, Gerbicz check, TF, P-1, PRP proof generation, and P-1 in parallel with PRP, and with increased P-1 error checking, all on OpenCL targeting primarily AMD gpus.

(error) discoverer of the Jacobi symbol's applicability as a possible error check on Lucas-Lehmer sequences. It is time consuming to compute so the check is made infrequently, giving a 50% chance of detecting error. It was rather quickly implemented in an early version of gpuowl and in prime95 and recently in Mlucas, but not yet in CUDALucas, gpulucas, or cllucas.

Robert Gerbicz (R. Gerbicz) Discoverer of the high reliability low overhead parallel series check computation for the pseudoprime test, now called the Gerbicz error check. Identified special cases where a check computation may also be applied to LLT or P-1 factoring. Has proposed a method of TF no-factor verification of work performed.

Valerio Bellizzomi (SELROC) created a Debian package for Gpuowl V5; performed Gpuowl testing on Linux, provided some code and documentation, and provided feedback.

Pavel Atnashev (patnashev) identified an efficient PRP proof method Coauthor of a paper on improved prime pairing in P-1, P+1 and ECM factoring.

Krzysztof Pietrzak for the groundwork that makes the PRP verification possible at effort ~1% that of traditional double-check, yet provides greater confidence in its correct completion and reliability of the report

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