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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
I see that has been done, but don't see any of the independent DCs listed.

Also @Aaron - I see you posted the final-iteration lines of those DCs, but it might be nice to also attach copies of the full logfiles from those DC runs to the same post, by way of completeness. Thanks, and congrats to all on this unexpected holiday treat!
Historically we don't actually include the DC results on the server itself (no previous prime has them).

If anyone wants to know, here are the partial residues along the way, every 5M iterations. During my Prime95 run, I finally remembered to turn on my interim residues every 1M at around the 22M mark (I forgot last time as well), and I'm pretty sure ATH has his interim residues saved as well, if anyone wanted to verify and be more granular along the way:
Iteration	Partial Residue
 5000000	B6C1D44BDE165F74
10000000	A8EBD54DAAE96ECC
15000000	533F4FF383010879
20000000	FDBB3C9E8A752487
25000000	08883F0A9C9B7E43
30000000	84870F6768311AA1
35000000	82692E22DDE5BF55
40000000	319F654D01BC1291
45000000	59B6DF3BD1C8EBA1
50000000	B32A4855816847A1
55000000	7FC9AAC6FA4AC043
60000000	53F3376FC7ED2282
65000000	B19C510047C32F0A
65000000	B19C510047C32F0A
70000000	60E8E00192BDABED
75000000	918E75A2267A2658
80000000	30D43187937F27BF
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