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Default Windows 10

For Windows 10 setup for better privacy, there's which may be useful.

Setting Windows classic theme in Win 10:

Stopping Cortana:

On Windows 7 a while back, benchmarking CUDALucas under different gpu driver versions, before I figured out how to reliably stop automatic driver updates, removing the network cable temporarily worked very well to block updates.

Controlling when updates occur can be useful. This can be configured in Windows 10 to require your consent. See If you don't trust it there are fallbacks. Firewalling off update servers is a possibility; in your firewall router, make a router entry that says the undesired server addresses are on the LAN side. If the update software's packets never cross the router, updates won't be downloaded or installed. If all else fails, or for simplicity, temporarily unplug the network cable.

Getting the Pro version of Windows provides remote desktop server capability. In some versions it also means better control of backups (more choice of destination for example).

Top of reference tree:

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