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Default Feature / version announcements

Gpuowl began as LL on AMD: initial github commit d5c48dd 2017-04-11
Introducing gpuOwL 2017-04-19
V0.2 2017-5-21
V0.3 (offsets) 2017-05-26
V0.4 2017-06-05
V0.5 2017-06-12
V0.6 Addition of Jacobi check to LL flavor of gpuOwL, zero offset in my test 2017-08-08
Nonzero offset dropped and -supersafe option added 2017-08-10

switch from LL to PRP occurs. See also for residue type versus version

V0.7 commit ccb7ed2 2017-08-27
V1.0 2017-08-30 PRP residue type 4
V1.2-1.4 ?
V1.5 2017-9-30 PRP residue type 1
V1.7 f5198fc 2017-10-26
V1.8 2017-11-08
V1.8 help 2017-11-08
V1.9 ?
V1.10 commit 83001d4 2018-01-27 (seen on github

V2.0 2018-02-07
perf tune and -time option
V2.1-2.3 ?

V3.0 ?
V3.1 commit 5495ecf 2018-07-07
V3.2 ?
V3.3 fft lengths 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20M 2018-07-13
V3.4 ?
V3.5 "Moar fft" A lot more lengths, from 0.5M to 144M (up to ~2.5x109 exponent) 2018-07-15
V3.6 2018-08-11 commit f7c3865 see
V3.7 TF integrated, TF works on OpenCL Linux ROCm 1.8.2 only 2018-08-16
V3.8 commit a7ef0e5 2018-08-17
V3.8 fixes 2018-08-17
V3.9 commit 4c4e034 2018-08-21

V4.0 commit fe7cd08 2018-09-10
V4.1 commit d77c6f0 2018-09-18
V4.3 PRP & P-1 combined 2018-09-20 PRP residue type 4
V4.6 commit bb691cb 2018-10-20
V4.7 commit 12c6b75 2018-10-23 and see also post 766

V5.0 commit 1339429 2018-10-24 PRP & two stages of P-1
and see also 2018-10-31

V6.0 PRP, a script added for getting and queuing work and reporting results, and P-1 has been removed. 2019-01-03
V6.1, commit c02a6ce, support for standalone P-1 has been added
v6.2, commit 5b26497 2019-01-27, fft lengths up to 160M, some speedups
v6.4 commit f6d3153 2019-04-09, added command line options -prp -pm1
v6.5 added command line option -dir for working directory; max fft length 192M
V6.5-30c0508 switched back from prp residue type 4 to type 1 2019-07-10
V6.7-4, P-1 on NVIDIA 2019-09-05
v6.8 per-exponent savefile folders 2019-09-06
v6.10-9-g54cba1d P-1 savefiles added
v6.11-9-g9ae3189 NVIDIA CPU yield
v6.11-83-ge270393 increased performance with various -use options

V7.0-18 drops LLDC, merges P-1 into PRP 2020-10-07
V7.1 proof V2 2020-10-22
V7.2-129 split P-1 gpuowl/mprime

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