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Default Four primality test programs' performance charted together

clLucas, CUDALucas, gpulucas, and gpuOwL compared.
Note the speed disparity of the GTX480 CUDA gpu, (at 244W), at 3.6-3.7 times the hardware performance rating of the OpenCL low power card (50W), when interpreting these values. Normalizing to equal speed hardware, gpuOwL seems to perform fastest by a comfortable margin.

A fairer hardware comparison would put clLucas and gpuOwl on an RX480. But I had none available at the time. See also showing the RX480 3.4-3.6 times faster than the RX550 on the same exponents.

Note also, that gpuowl v1.9 is what was measured and compared, and that many performance improvements in gpuowl have been implemented since.

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