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It is with great pleasure that I proudly announce a new record ECPP certification of a 34093 digits prime. Arranged in a 331 by 103 grid the digits of the prime depicts the Mersenne prime exponent 57,885,161.

The certification process took 14 months using a 4 x AMD 6174 (48 cores at 2.2 GHz) and 200 days additionally spent in parallel on an AMD 1090T (6 cores at 3.2 GHz) running phase 2 work.

Why 57,885,161 and not 74,207,281? The answer: Although the latter Mersenne prime exponent was reported to the server at about the same time certification started, it was not for another 3 months that the new exponent was noticed by a human! Rather than starting with the bigger exponent, I decided to continue with the smaller one. Besides, another even bigger one could have been found had I started with 74,207,281, or still might be discovered.

Again, Marcel Martin's Primo worked as a program par execellence.
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