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Originally Posted by debrouxl View Post
The pain of feeding 14e (and recently 15e twice) is growing (not just for me !), and .... size contests which raise the workload of everyone (pre-processers, mainly myself for feeding the grid though e.g. Paul helps with the GCW numbers, post-processers) are not the best way to raise my motivation.
So what would be the best way to raise your motivation? Or really, what would be the best way to help you so that the pain will be less acute for you?

Some things which occur to me:

1) Try to hit the sweet spot on difficulty. There have been a bunch of low-difficulty numbers lately, and that must increase the load on you, since they don't last very long in the queue. What would you say is the ideal SNFS/GNFS difficulty for 14e right now? 15e?

2) Have somebody else set up the polynomial and do trial sieving to set parameters. For GNFS jobs I think other people have been finding the polynomial, but for SNFS jobs you can require that whoever proposes the number also provide the polynomial for it. That's usually not hard, but it's still a barrier to actually getting the number into the queue. And setting parameters probably takes you some time as well, time which you can possibly outsource to others, either the proposer or any willing volunteers.

Any other ideas?
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