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Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
So the lasieve5f application is gnfs-lasieve4I16e from lasieve5 which you have modified to input and output like ggnfs? What is the difference to the 16e siever we have been using for ages? Have you been able to compile the f or g variants(not your system of lettering) from lasieve5? Are the changes you made available in the svn or is the boinc binary the only one available?
Yep. Primary changes for users are the ability to sieve larger q and lower memory usage. Neither f nor g compile out of the box. Both fail in linking due to undefined functions. I have spent no time trying to diagnose it. I've sent the patches to Serge to place in the SVN, but I don't think he's had time to do so. So I'll place them here.

The compile currently only works on Linux. Make sure cweb is installed on your computer. Then, download the original source and extract it. Then from the file attached, apply the patch lasieve5_ggnfs.patch and compile with
make gnfs-lasieve4I16e
and you should have a GGNFS compatible binary. If you wish to create a BOINC binary (which you generally wouldn't) then also apply the patch lasieve5_boinc.patch to add in the BOINC API.
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