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Originally Posted by ATH View Post
ewmayer already tested to k=240 which is 2*240*97600541752017987211 which is 107.4 bits
Forgot to provide the run summary data:

Using first 1000000 odd primes; max gap = 154
max sieving prime = 15485867
searching in the interval k=[0, 1099516017600]
M(97600541752017987211) has 0 factors in range k = [0, 1099516017600], passes 0-15
Performed 37291183295 trial divides
Clocks = 24:57:19.683 hh:mm:ss.sss

This was on 1 CPU of a dual-core 2GHz Core 2 system (my vintage 2009 macbook).

The code also does spot-checks of candidate factors (make sure they don't have any factors within the range of the small-prime sieve; check if candidate q is a Fermat base-2 PRP). For this size range of q's te code spot-checks every 221st candidate q; here are those stats:

7105 base-2 PRPs
10676 composites (with smallest factor > 15485867).
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