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A few observations:

1. The pfrakes exponent that chalsall linked to above is most likely the same user testing it twice. I suspect this was because the first-time test was done in v4 and the second time test done in v5 and v5 does not remember the v4 IDs for checking if the same user returned two LLs for the same test. Also, George has a second check - the shift count - and if both results are submitted using Prime95 it becomes very hard - if not impossible - to fake these.

2. George's reply on what GPU72 has done for us is pretty much to the point. I would just like to point out that I am one of those who runs his own script periodically to get plum DCs and I found that I was able to get what I wanted even when GPU72 was grabbing exponents. I do think George's idea of leaving 1 mod 4 or even just 1 mod 4n where n>1 exponents for non-GPU72 users is a good idea.

3. My count of exponents between 25-26M is now 23/72. So I am keeping with the pace.
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