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@bcp19: Would you like to post the version of mfaktc that you used to TF M2137, M2267 and M2273 from 60 to 61 bits? I am curious how did you split the classes, as it is not enough to modify the limit in the source of 0.18 and recompile. Anyhow, doing those TF's makes no sense, as how many ECM was done in that area, there should be no factors below 180 bits. One can do "fake reports" there and get a lot of TF credit (thousands of GHzDays), like reporting all exponents TF-ed to 70 or 80 bits, and still have no negative influence on the project. From the percent of the ECM done, there is no factor below 40 to 60 digits (depending on exponent) on that range of expos below 5000, that means no factor below 120-180 bits. So theoretically, if I want to surpass Xyzzy and Nucleon at TF, I could report all of them to 65 bits, without influencing negative the project in a whole. But this is childish. So please, could you post the "test" version of mfaktc that you used to do those tests? No harm intended, just being curious how did you solve the problem.
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