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Just finished P-1 to B1=10^12, B2=10^14, reported and got 122GHz-days credit.
Manual Testing 1061 NF-PM1 2011-11-21  02:02 B1=1000000000000, B2=100000000000000 122.3257
Yeah, I know about all the efforts, as discussed in few threads around, like here, and here, and the current thread, and I know about nfs@home sieving it already, in a word, I know the futility of my action. I just had an antediluvian computer who crunched it for two months and half, phase two had to process 2400 primes and needed just few MB of memory. So I let it run. I even forgot about it, till I saw the primenet report in the morning, when I was looking for my eventually GPU-2-72 new factors :D, the report is few days old already... and it took the older numbers to 3 levels of magnitude higher.

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