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There are a variety of possible causes:

1) A bad CPU. If you can try underclocking the chip and see if things get better.
2) Overheating. This is more likely if the problem only occurs after prime95 has run for a while and the temps are more than 60C. Check your temps using one of the freely available programs.
3) Inadequate power supply. Check you voltages using a free utility program.
4) A bad motherboard. I've no idea how you'll prove this is the cause.
5) Bad memory. Try underclocking memory - that is running it as PC800 memory - look for a 3/4 memory setting in BIOS.

It will not be easy to find the cause. If this is a new computer and under warranty, you might consider returning the whole unit. If you've assembled the unit from parts - well... good luck.
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