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I have written a little program to assist with running mprime and gmp-ecm on the numbers I am testing (mprime stage one on 2^2N-1 followed by gmp-ecm stage two on 2^N-1 and 2^N+1, prime N < 1200). It splits the mprime stage one record into two separate records (with appropriate cofactors) for feeding to gmp-ecm stage two.

Compile it with 'gcc -o splitcf splitcf.c -lgmp' and once mprime has done stage one to B1 on M(2N), run it as

$ splitcf < results.txt | ecm -resume - 1 B1-B2

to do separate stage two to B2 on M(N) and P(N), or to stage two only on P(N) run it as

$ splitcf -p < results.txt | ecm -resume - 1 B1-B2

I also found that if I put 'results.txt=/dev/stdout' in mprime's prime.ini then I can run it like this :-)

$ mprime | tee stage1.log | splitcf | ecm -resume - 1 B1-B2 | tee stage2.log
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