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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
I'll play around using a Core 2 machine to see if the breakeven points need to change much.
The new breakeven points for version 26 need to be a little higher (i.e. do less TF)!! The table below shows that in v25 exponents above 58.52M are factored to 2^70. In v26, exponents above 60.94M are factored to 2^70. We no longer need to TF exponents between 58.52M to 60.94M from 2^69 to 2^70. The big reason for this is LL tests are now faster than the last time breakeven points were calculated.

New breakevens:

#define FAC79 516800000L
#define FAC78 408400000L
#define FAC77 322100000L
#define FAC76 253500000L
#define FAC75 199500000L
#define FAC74 153400000L
#define FAC73 120000000L
#define FAC72 96830000L
#define FAC71 77910000L
#define FAC70 60940000L
#define FAC69 48800000L
#define FAC68 38300000L
#define FAC67 29690000L

Old breakevens:

//#define FAC80 516000000L
//#define FAC79 420400000L
//#define FAC78 337400000L
//#define FAC77 264600000L
//#define FAC76 227300000L
//#define FAC75 186400000L
//#define FAC74 147500000L
//#define FAC73 115300000L
//#define FAC72 96830000L
//#define FAC71 75670000L
//#define FAC70 58520000L
//#define FAC69 47450000L
//#define FAC68 37800000L
//#define FAC67 29690000L

I'll modify version 26.6 to reflect the new Core 2 breakeven points (which will have virtually no effect as most LL assignments have already had all necessary TF completed). For now, I'll not change the server. In fact, we have so much excess TF capacity, there has been serious thought given to having the server assign an extra bit of TF.
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