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Originally Posted by sgrupp View Post
Same deal -
this wasnt happening on this system when i was running 25.11 and now I am getting these errors continuously, but only on this one worker. The other 3 are all fine.

[Nov 21 08:52] Iteration: 48810291 / 49040417 [99.53%].
[Nov 21 08:52] Possible hardware errors have occurred during the test!
[Nov 21 08:52] 1 SUM(INPUTS) != SUM(OUTPUTS).
[Nov 21 08:52] Confidence in final result is fair.
This is normal -- a result of a new "feature" in v26. In v25, one would get a SUM(INPUTS) error or ROUNDOFF > 0.4 error and it would scroll off the screen unnoticed. You had to go to the effort of looking in results.txt to see that you had a problem.

In v26, every time prime95 does its regular screen update it prints out a summary of the total number of errors that occurred during the test. See undoc.txt for options on controlling this new feature.

So, one of your workers had an SUM(INPUTS) error sometime during the test. Since it only happened once there is a fair chance that your LL result will be OK.
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