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Default Update.

It has somehow been over 6 months since my last update. Previous status in parens:
k=11 2.18M (2.1M)
k=13 2.18M (2.12M)
k=45 1390-1540k, 1600-1750k complete. 1300-1390 hole on 4 cores now.
k=99 1.66M (1.6M)
k=109 1.35M (1.1M)
k=131 1.1M (1.0M)
k=211 1.36M (1.0M)
k=263 1.33M (1.1M)
k=269 1.6M (1.5M)
k=281 1.12M (1.0M)
k=405 1.0M
No progress on 127, 201, 245, 443. 127 should be complete to 4M and released in Jan. 269 should be complete to 2M and released in December.
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