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Known bugs and fixes:

1) The length 7K real FFT crashes on Core i3/i5/i7/i9 when running 32-bit Prime95 or 32-bit mprime. Fixed in next release.
2) Benchmarking on a multi-core or hyperthreaded machine resulted in several spurious "Setting affinity to run help thread..." messages. Fixed in 26.3.
3) The length 3072K (and some others) FFT crash on Northwood and Willamette Pentium 4. Fixed in 26.3.
4) The new feature that continuously outputs hardware error counts took multiple lines. Version 26.3 will have several undoc.txt options to control the amount of verbiage.
5) In rare situations, an insufficiently large FFT length was chosen. Generally, you would only notice this with larger bases. An example is 10024*603^153-1. Fixed in 26.3.
6) Worker-specific memory settings were not used in calculating the optimal P-1 bounds. Fixed in 26.3.
7) On 64-bit Ubuntu 10.x machines, trial factoring would find factors but would improperly format them for writing to results.txt and for sending to PrimeNet. Fixed in 26.3.
8) On 64-bit Ubuntu 10.x machines, N/A in worktodo.txt caused parse errors. Fixed in 26.3.

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