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A full update, because it has been a few months: last report in parens
k=11 1.94M (1.88M)
k=41 1.22M (1.16M)
k=45 1.30M (no change, running on a quad I haven't seen in 7 months)
k=99 1.60M (no change, recently assigned to a quad running part time)
k=127 2.50M (2.41M)
k=211 1.0M (895k)
k=221 should no longer be assigned to me- Steven has taken over its search.
k=245 950k (806k)
k=263 960k (955k)
k=269 1.05M (1M)
k=281 1.0M (945k)
k=13,109,131,201 no change.
I set a goal of all these to 1.0M by the end of 2009. 263 was very close on my now-stolen laptop, so I have to redo quite a bit of the last 50k. 245 is on a work machine and should be past 1M, but the owner won't be around for a few weeks so I can't check it. I hope to update both within 3 weeks to 1M.
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