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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
OK, thanks for the offer and that is under consideration Bruce. The problem is determining what is left for k=2400-2600 on PRPnet. I'll let Max make the determination on whether he thinks what is left in our candidates file is an accurate representation of what remains. Max, do you feel that is accurate? If not, any suggestions?

I know you're offering to do the whole range again but then there's the credit issue. We want to give you and Lennart appropriate credit for the work already done on G7000 and later on, we'll import what you finish up manually into the stats DB.

I've asked Max to send you k=2600-2800 for n=50K-250K. If he hasn't done that by about midnight CST, I'll send it to you. In the mean time, he has to set up a new PRPnet server for the 6th drive. Ironbit's current LLRnet server will dry out by tomorrow.

How about this:

-I send Bruce the files to do all of k=2400-3000 for n=50K-250K.
-Since Bruce's results will be considered "manual work" as far as stats are concerned, the G7000 results done by Lennart will make it into the DB well ahead of them anyway.
-As such, when we import Bruce's results later on, after we've gotten manual-results import up and running, the DB will give us a clear list of what's new and what's already in there. The stuff that's already in there will be imported into the doublecheck DB (which should be all set by then), and credited to Bruce as such. That will save us a bit of work when we eventually doublecheck this range.
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