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Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
I question if the work is useless.

All smaller exponents (up to 1M at least I think) for which no factors have been found, have been LL-tested 3 times.

Presumably the intention is for that to be done further? In the long run the exponents which are now being double-checked will be going through a phase of triple-checks and your exponent will have that work already done.
I'm 99% sure that triple checks are very close to being totally useless. (unless for some other purpose...definitely not useful in the same way that double checks are useful) I think the odds of Prime95 having a bug that would produce matching residues (which is very small) is better than the chance that two 64-bit residues just happened to match when they're both wrong, so a third check wouldn't be useful.
The extra LL results (triple-, quadruple-, etc. checks) in small exponents is likely due to people playing around. (one time, I went through a list of small-ish primes and re-discovered the first couple dozen or so Mersenne primes, just for fun if I had submitted my results to PrimeNet, they'd appear as more matching LL results on those small numbers)

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