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It has been a few months since a report, mostly because I tested a 25k block of Adam's 6000-6200 sieve, which was something like 75000 candidates.

11 1.88M
13 1.80M (no change)
41 1.01M (gap to 1.05, complete 1.05-1.15M)
45 1.3M (just a few gaps to 1.75M, should be filled in ~60 days)
99 1.6M (more than half done to 2.0M, but with gaps)
109 1.0M (no change)
127 2.37M
131 888k
201 1.17M
211 895k
245 806k
269 900k (no change)
281 900k (no change)

I should have all but 245 done to 1M in 30-45 days.
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