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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
With a 32-Bit system, probably 150 CPU-days. With 64-bit, maybe a 100 or as low as 70.
The matrix will fit 2Gb of memory and will be less than 5M on a side and will take no more than a week, or on a newer system as low as under two days. Heck, I am tempted to do it myself, but it is better for someone else to learn.
Thanks for the answer. I have seen it just now, because the forum doesn't show it as a "new post in the subforum" when the last post is just edited.

"~2 days on a newer system" - do you mean something like a quadcore Nehalem?
~1 week for postprocessing - does this apply for a Core2Duo (Win 32-bit) if using both cores?

Hmmm... I'll give it a try (i.e. reserving the c153), just started poly search. (would ~2 CPU-weeks be enough for poly search?)

Parameters for Sieving: I assume rlim=alim=35M (or better 40M?), mfbr=mfba=29, mfbr=mfba=58, lamdas 2.6?

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