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Default Monthly Status

k=43 complete to 1.53M (was 1.34M)
k=109 complete to 900k (was 800k)
k=141 complete to 900k (was 800k)
k=269 complete to 900k (was 800k)
k=281 complete to 900k (was 800k)
k=415 complete to 750k (was 600k)
Buzzodan tested 141, 269, 281 from 800k to 860k, and sent me the results files.

I am releasing k=141. Adam asked me months ago to forward him the next k from cruelty's batch, so he is reserving 141 from 900k; I sent him the current sieve file.

I plan to have 43 complete to 1.7M by the end of April; I will unreserve it at that time. Anyone is welcome to begin testing k=43 from 1.7M onward.

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