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I have filled quite a few gaps:
k=11 1.84M
k=13 1.8M
k=41 1M starting with 2 cores now
k=43 1.34M only small gaps to fill to 1.7M, the end of my reservation
k=45 1.3M
k=99 1.3M
k=109 800k
k=127 2.04M
k=131 800k
k=141 800k Buzzodan assisting
k=197 1.2M Complete and released.
k=201 1.11M
k=211 800k
k=245 800k
k=269 800k Buzzodan assisting
k=281 800k Buzzodan assisting

I am releasing 197 now. I will release 43 complete to 1.7M in a month or so; I have 3 cores filling about 50k in gaps to be complete. The set of 109, 131, 141, 211,245,269,281 will be tested by me until I find a prime, and then I will pass individual k's on to others, as Cruelty did to me.

I believe with this update, every k on the RPS k<300 page is now tested to 800k! I'm working on these to not be last to report 900k complete.

edit: kosmaj has 161 reported to 760k. I'm not last!
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