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A new PrimeNet function, conditional specific assignments.

A conditional specific assignment would be requested by someone _for a specific exponent_ and type of assignment (TF, P-1, L-L, DC ...). Then PrimeNet would:

if that exponent was not currently assigned to anyone else (for any purpose), then assign it as requested (and return a code indicating that success),


return a code indicating that the conditional assignment request was refused.

(Exponents in ranges not currently available for assignment would be in the latter category.)

The refusal return code could be elaborated:

the exponent was already assigned to someone else for some purpose,

the exponent previously had been L-Led (first-time or later) by the requestor of a conditional L-L assignment -- to prevent two L-L test assignments to the same person on an exponent,

the exponent is already assigned to the (apparently forgetful) requestor :-),

range not currently available for assignment,

and so on.

This wouldn't prevent anyone from doing whatever they can do now, such as performing two L-Ls on the same exponent or doing a test on an exponent currently assigned to someone else; it would just provide folks a better means to avoid doing so accidentally or unknowingly, by cooperating with PrimeNet instead of going around it by perusing a report then forcing a manual communication to squat on an exponent (hoping that PrimeNet had not assigned it since the report's epoch, but not having any assurance of that).

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