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Default Team drive #4, 15 k's < 300 for n=600K-1M

ANNOUNCING...drum roll...

Team drive #4 for NPLB! This will be a very exciting drive where we will be searching k=115, 149, 175, 179, 185, 199, 215, 227, 229, 239, 241, 265, 271, 289, and 293 from n=600K-1M! Sieve depth is P=26T.

NOTE: Brucifer did all of the sieving for this effort himself. Personally I am going to share the 1st prime with him that I find on it. I might suggest that some others do this also. Sieving doesn't get the recognition that it deserves so perhaps this will help some. Thanks Bruce!

Karsten (kar_bon) maintains a site that has almost all known Riesel primes. There is a page for k<300 here. The ranges searched and primes found from this project will be shown there.

3 excellent LLRnet servers will be processing a large part of the range. For general info. on setting up and running the servers see this thread. The info. specific to the servers that needs to be entered into your llr-clientconfig.txt file is:

server = ""
port = 7000

server = ""
port = 7500

server = ""
port = 443

Please report all reservations/statuses/completions for this drive in this thread. Please report all primes found in the 'Report primes here' thread. Please post all results files in this thread or send them to me at: gbarnes017 at gmail dot com.

Please report all top-5000 primes with a project ID of 'PrimeSearch' and credit LLR and srsieve software.

New primes found from drive #4:
Prime found       by
265*2^856293-1  gd_barnes
271*2^786059-1  mdettweiler
265*2^763957-1  gd_barnes
215*2^714542-1  gd_barnes
185*2^612412-1  em99010pepe
Confirmed primes found from drive #4:
Prime found       by
215*2^999170-1  gd_barnes
229*2^969073-1  gd_barnes
115*2^830103-1  mdettweiler
229*2^715459-1  gd_barnes
289*2^610737-1  em99010pepe
n-range       tested by        status        # primes
646K-1M       NPLB             complete       4 (plus 4 confirmed)
638K-646K     gd_barnes        complete       0
635K-638K     LLRnet (IB7000)  complete       0
630K-635K     LLRnet (C443)    complete       0
625K-630K     LLRnet (IB7000)  complete       0
620K-625K     LLRnet (C443)    complete       0
618K-620K     LLRnet (IB7000)  complete       0
610K-618K     em99010pepe      complete       1 (plus 1 confirmed)
605K-610K     LLRnet (IB7000)  complete       0
600K-605K     LLRnet (C443)    complete       0
The 4th drive is now complete. Thanks to all who helped catch these k's up!

Have fun and let's smoke these ranges!


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