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Default not-quite-monthly update:

I haven't updated in a while because I've taken a long time to fill in lower ranges- I spread some k's over many machines, and waited for all ranges to finish to report.
11 is complete to 1.55M (2 cores)
13 to 1.5M. (1 core)
45 to 1.25M (2 cores)
93 to 980k (might be same as before, I have a hole 980-1000k left to fill)
99 to 1.3M (3 cores)
127 to 1.85M (1 core)
197 to 1.14M (only going to 1.2, almost done on one core)
201 1.04M (1 core)

109,131,141,211,245,269,281 all done to 700k. These are being tested as a group, so the going is slow for now, until some of the above projects finish or I buy a Quad.
I have a sieve for these last ones to 52T, and welcome assistance. I'm willing to "rent out" 100k blocks for any single k. 141 is spoken for, the rest are available 765k-865k.

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