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Default Report top-5000 primes for all k<=1001

Please report all top-5000 primes for k<=1001 in this thread.

The Prime Wiki has a list of all primes found and search-ranges previously completed on the k's that we will be searching here. It includes all known n-ranges starting at n=1 and will be updated as we complete n-ranges and find primes. For 300<k<=1001 and n>=260K, the ranges and primes will be shown in the team drives here.

Instructions for submitting a top-5000 prime:

Step 1: For people who have not submitted top-5000 primes previously, create a prover account:
1. Go to
2. Fill out the form and submit it. You will be assigned a prover account.

Step 2: Create a proof code:
1. Go to
2. Type in your name that you created in step 1 in the space provided.
3. In the list of proof programs. Select Jean Penne's LLR. (If you used PFGW then select OpenPFGW.)
4. In the space below all of the proof programs that says "none", type "NPLB, srsieve, psieve" (WITH the commas and a space in between each but without the quotes) for the project and sieving software. [If you did an individual-k search on your own, then the software may vary.]
5. You should now have a new proof code and can submit the prime. Example...L442.

Step 3: Submit the prime:
1. Go to
2. Next to 'search for proof-code', type your new code from step 2 and press enter.
3. Towards the bottom, next to 'Submit primes using this code as', click on your name (prover account) and press enter.
4. You should see a big free-form box. Type in your prime (no spaces needed) and click 'Press here to submit these prime(s)'.
5. If necessary in the little pop-up box, type in your user name (prover account) and password and press enter.
6. A verification screen will come up. If the prime is correct, click 'Press here to complete submission'.


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