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Default Jeffrey Sax's reservations released...

I followed up with Jeffrey Sax on his reservations for k's= 9, 37, 41, 43, 61, and 63 that had no activity since early this year. He is releasing them. The prime that he reported recently on k=61 was found not long after he made the reservations. He said he tested k=61 to n=500K at that time. Here is the exact quote that I got from Jeffrey in an Email today:

"I am no longer working on any k<300, and anyone is free to do as they please with them."

Based on the above and after getting advice from two coharts, here is what I would like to do:

1. Reserve k's = 37, 41, 43, 61, and 63 and fully sieve them up to n=1M. (all except k=9). This started about 1 week ago on 4 cores after I already found out that Jeff wanted to release them. Sieving is already at P=6T with an optimum sieve depth of P=9T-10T, which should be complete in < 1 week on the same 4 cores.

2. Test all k's in #1 up to n=800K. I will have 5-6 cores on them at all times and completion should be 2 to 2-1/2 months.

3. Hand my sieved files to the team for n=800K-1M. It could be divided up however everyone sees fit; perhaps in a manner similar to the "9 k's" effort or with some individual reservation of specific k's. Perhaps Sheep or someone with huge sieving resources may want to sieve them further first.

4. Double-check k=61 for n=400K-500K.

5. On k=9, that one is now open. I would suggest a team effort. A double-check is mostly likely needed for n=850K up to Benson's prime barely > 1M. Perhaps Sheep can do some sieving there. If needed, I'd be glad to throw 2 cores at any double-check effort for that after I'm done with my current reservation for k=5 in ~2 weeks.

And finally, I see no problem with the team testing n=800K-1M while I'm doing n=585K-800K. After all, getting this all done will put all except less than a handful of k's <= 63 completed up to n=1M!

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