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wblipp 2003-12-16 00:11

Seventeen or Bust finds Sixth Prime!
Seventeen Or Bust has found another prime in their effort to confirm that the smallest Sierpinski number is 78557.


PageFault 2003-12-16 00:28

Good for them ... I remember their streak last year and was wondering what became of the search. Unfortunately for us, GIMPS now has only the three largest primes. Somebody better get cracking with a 33M find ...

nfortino 2003-12-16 00:32

Congratulations to them! At 1,521,561 digits, it is the first non GIMPS prime with more than 1 million digits.

Paulie 2003-12-16 01:20

Congrats to the SoB's!!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I remember crunching a tera-cem, this disappearing. Hope that little bit of work helped! :love:

Hurry up and find the rest, we need ya on GIMPS! :geek: :innocent: :whistle:

ixfd64 2003-12-16 21:08

It seems that the prime hasn't appeared on the list yet.

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