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zeit 2008-04-08 09:34

not needed
I have this message in my prime.log and the exponent is still in my assignement détail. What is mean ?

[CODE] [Tue Mar 11 05:52:41 2008 - ver 25.6]
Sending result to server: UID: zeit/SRV-110, M69516151 no factor from 2^66 to 2^67, Wd1: 9B45CE9B, AID: 6D38F60F50BCA624AD0673BBD016A53F

pnErrorDetail=TF result for M69516151 was not needed[/CODE]

markr 2008-04-08 13:27

It means M69516151 is already tested to 2^67. Indeed, the shiny new PrimeNet v5 [URL=""]factoring effort report[/URL] says it is tested to 2^68.

Did you put M69516151 in your worktodo.txt yourself, or did PrimeNet assign it to you?

To avoid duplicating effort in the range above PrimeNet (currently 49M) and below 79.3M, you should check the Lone Mersenne Hunters subforum, in particular the "available ranges" and "ranges currently out" sticky threads. tom11784 has been working the range [URL=""]69M to 70M[/URL] for a long time. According to the dates of the last few posts, his latest update did not make it into the last (ever?) nofactor file.

However if PrimeNet assigned it to you, it's an entirely different story.

zeit 2008-04-12 08:13

I didn't put it in Workdoto.ini.

Primenet assigned to me the component and obviously I have other cases on other computers

Batalov 2008-04-25 08:03

I had an internet out'Я'age and the report about M7777377 having no factors from 2^69 to 2^70 didn't go through.

A day later the report "M7777377 no factors from 2^70 to 2^71" was similarly to your problem cold-showered by the server's responce "[U]result not needed[/U]".

Here's a contradiction: for an exponent of this size, the program implements TF until 2 powers below the needed 2^71 (2^64 ... 2^69), then does P-1, and then continues with the TF for the last two powers, and then proceeds with LL (which will take about 5 months on 1 CPU to finish). So, maybe a "M7777377 no factors from 2^70 to 2^71" should be still accepted by the server with a kinder responce - [COLOR=green]"Please manually check-in the missing range 2^69 to 2^70, if you have it, or rerun it"[/COLOR][COLOR=black]or something of this sort...[/COLOR]

Well, I was able to restart from an earlier save p77R7377 file. And it is all [URL=""]submitted now[/URL]. But simply theoretically speaking, this could happen to someone else... someone less stubborn...

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