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delta_t 2003-04-25 03:44

Questions about results.txt
Hello William,
I have a question about submitting our results.txt file. Do you want us to send you the complete file everytime, or just what was completed since the last time we sent you the file? Also, do you want us to send it to you regularly or only when you send us an email reminding us?

wfgarnett3 2003-04-25 05:32


You can just send the whole results.txt file; you don't have to partition it for only new results.

You only have to send it to me when I e-mail you; no need to send it to me every now and then (unless you found a probable prime :) ) The next checkin when you should receive an e-mail from me for the results.txt file will probably be around May 1st.


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