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philmoore 2008-10-10 22:33

Sieving - information and reservations
This thread is now closed, as solution of the problem renders further sieving unnecessary.

philmoore 2009-09-22 07:58

Archive of completed reservation ranges
[SIZE="1"]0-2T philmoore
2-3T hhh
3-5T geoff
5-6T paleseptember
6-16T geoff
16-20T philmoore
20-24T geoff
24-29T Kman1293
29-33T engracio
33-37T geoff
37-40T frmky
40-48T engracio
48-52T Kman1293
52-67T engracio
67-71T Kman1293
71-85T engracio
85-88T geoff
88-94T engracio
94-98T Kman1293
98-100T philmoore
100-104T geoff
104-112T Kman1293
112-125T geoff
125-129T Kman1293
129-136T geoff
136-144T Kman1293
144-148T geoff
148-156T Kman1293
156-160T geoff
160-164T Kman1293
164-220T geoff
220-228T Kman1293
228-350T Lennart
350-360T Zuzu
360-370T geoff
370-380T Kman1293
380-430T Lennart
430-450T geoff
450-485T Lennart
485-540T Kman1293
540-550T enderak
550-570T Kman1293
570-600T enderak
600-610T cncr04s
610-650T geoff
650-750T enderak
750-770T Kman1293
770-830T enderak
830-850T Kman1293
850-910T enderak
910-950T Kman1293
950-1200T enderak
1200-1210T Robert_47
1210-1211T Rincewind
1211-1215T enderak
1215-1240T geoff
1240-1400T enderak
1400-1450T geoff
1450-1600T enderak
1600-1640T Kman1293
1640-1650T akruppa

All times are UTC. The time now is 10:47.

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