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Cruelty 2007-09-04 05:48

[QUOTE=Kosmaj;113480]I'm afraid that for at least one of your remaining k's you will have to go into mega-bit exponents to find the next prime. But I know that's not a problem for you. :smile:[/QUOTE]That's why I'm sieveing till n=2M :cool:

VBCurtis 2007-09-04 07:45

Cruelty- did you also sieve k=199 to 2M? If so, can you email it to me? Perhaps I can start a new form of team drive, testing 199 until I find a prime and then releasing it for the next person to reserve and continue. :yzzyx:


Cruelty 2007-09-04 08:14

I haven't touched k=199 above n=600000. I am only sieving 141,151 and 269 till n=2M.

sjtjung 2007-09-07 02:43

31 has reached 865k on the high part.

P4 is currently working back on 207 (at 586k).
Sempron is set to continue 31 from 865k and up.
Celeron is now LLRing 31 on the lower range, filling up the gap (at 570k currently).

EDIT: no new primes


arminius 2007-09-09 16:11

Sieving at 6T to 2M
LLR complete to 1M. Continuing.
No new primes.

lsoule 2007-09-10 18:00

k=39 is at n=1.135M
k=223 is at n= 1.99M

kar_bon 2007-09-10 21:00

k=209 at 764k
k=297 at 615k

VBCurtis 2007-09-10 23:06

monthly status report
11 still no work yet- will be a while before sieving is ready.
13 at 1.14M.
45 at 740k.
93 at 710k.
99 at 1.04M.
127 at 1.12M.
201 at 775k.
no progress on 111 and 197.


Cruelty 2007-09-14 11:20

k=141 done till n=620000. I am releasing this k. If someone wishes to continue this work I have a sieve file till n=2M and p~2T.
I am continuing with k=151 and 269 until I find a prime for each of them :smile:

lsoule 2007-09-17 18:20

k=223 complete up to n=2M. Releasing this K!

Flatlander 2007-09-17 18:34

k=55 tested to 900,000. Continuing.

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