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pepi37 2016-04-30 10:18

My little ( above conjuctured K ) experiment (base 5)
Hi to all
I started my little above conjectured K experiment on base 5. Take 18500 candidates, using srbsieve on n=25K there is only 22 left. Now I am on 400K and there is only 8 left. Planned to go to at least 1 M (around 700K digit )
So I wish to say thanks to:
- rogue - for making srbsieve
- KEP - for time he spent on learning me how to use srbsieve
- Gdbarnes- have believe at me even Imake very wrong calculation and give wrong results to this forum
- Thomas - for teaching me of low weight K
- Batalov - for answering many of my question.
So once more, thanks to all - without all time and knowledge you spent on my learning I never start my own little project!

pepi37 2016-05-23 08:44

Two more primes found, 6 remain, now at 770K :)

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