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R. Gerbicz 2006-01-25 12:43

hexadeca program version 1.5
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If you complete one workunit then it will be saved to results_hexadeca.txt file, like this:
The workunit=666 has been completed

(I've completed this).
It isn't important to see if there is an information : The sieving is complete, because if this isn't in that file then it means that the program is killed and you can just continue the work from workunit=667. But there is no restart option in the program. See the attachment for the c code or donwload the exe for windows from:

To give an estimation for the time to find a dodecaproth, I've changed the code to see how many prp tests are done in each step:
this is only true for one workunit! ( spec: this was workunit=666 ):
there were 16203093 prp tests
In each step there were:

If it would be numprp[13]>0 then we found a dodecaproth, because it means that the first 12 numbers were 3-prp and the program is testing the 13th number. Seeing the data I think that we can find a dodecaproth after testing about only 100-200 workunits.

Greenbank 2006-01-25 13:43

Good work Robert.

Reservation thread: [url][/url]

Please post details of already completed work units in there please as I'm not sure what people have already done.

Greenbank 2006-01-25 13:51

[QUOTE=Kosmaj]Thanks for the new program!

I'll try some workunits beginning at 3M (3,000,000).
... Just finished the first one in 1703 sec on my Athlon-MP 2000.[/QUOTE]

I've put you down for 3,000,000 to 3,000,100 as I wasn't sure exactly how much you were going to do. Please feel free to post in the reservation thread exactly what you want to do!

P.S. roughly 1000 sec per WU on a 2.5GHz G5.

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