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almostfrugal 2017-11-26 14:24

I am running prime95 version 29.3, build 1. I set numbackupfiles to 1 and deleted p-----.bu files, leaving only the p----- file (no extension), but when I exit prime95.exe, it makes a new p-----.bu file anyway. That looks like two backup files to me. When I set numbackupfiles to 2 or 3, I end up with p-----.bu and p-----.bu2 files, as well as p----- (no extension) file. So it looks like setting numbackupfiles to 1 gives me two backup files, while setting numbackupfiles to 2 or 3 gives me three backup files. Is there some way I can just get one backup file?

Prime95 2017-11-26 15:48

I think what you are doing should work. I looked at the code and I don't see any issues (but I could be overlooking a bug).

In case you did not do this, try exiting prime95. Look in prime.txt to see if NumBackupFiles is set properly. Restart prime95.

Also try turning off Jacobi error checking (see undoc.txt). Prime95 might be creating one non-Jacobi checked save file and one Jacobi-checked save file. You could also try setting JacobiBackupFiles to zero.

BTW, I really don't recommend having so few save files. One bad spot on the disk can wipe out days of work.

almostfrugal 2017-11-26 15:55

Thanks for pointing out the potential loss of work problem with just one backup file. I will settle for two backup files.

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