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edorajh 2003-11-16 00:43

Merging two accounts?
Can I transfer 3 exponents, assigned to my old personal account, to my new, active personal account? If yes, how? (Exponents are not expired yet)


PrimeCruncher 2003-11-16 02:38

See this link:


edorajh 2003-11-16 09:16

I somehow managed to transfer exponent from my new account to my old account, but I want it to transfer exponents from old to new.

What I should write and where in order to transfer them back to my new account? For example, in prime.ini what account I should write in OldUserID? Should I put there ID I want to keep or one that I want to change?

Thanks :unsure:

edorajh 2003-11-16 16:05

I made it and transfer all my assigned exponents to my new account. To be honest I don't have a clue how I did it. I know I didn't use procedure described in primenet faq.

Also, in the process of transfering exponents I lost one exponent. It doesn't show neither on my old nor on my new account. And I didn't save that exponent anywhere, so I don't know what number it was. Is there any way I can find out what number it was?


/edit - I find what exponent it was in prime.log file. Somehow I unreserve it?!? I didn't want to do that! :no: Can I reserve it again? Help, please! :help:

GP2 2003-11-16 16:22

Perhaps it's 20250707?

Do you have files named something like pK250707 and qK250707 in your directory, but no line for 20250707 in your worktodo.ini?

If so, add this line to your worktodo.ini:

After you do that, you should force a manual communication with PrimeNet.

PrimeCruncher 2003-11-16 16:23

The answer is on that same page:


Just add the exponent to your worktodo.ini file and do a manual communication with the server. It will reserve the exponent automatically.

edorajh 2003-11-16 16:41

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by GP2 [/i]
[B]Perhaps it's 20250707?[/B][/QUOTE]

No, it was 21203177 exponent. 20250707 exponent is from my work machine, and I will transfer it to my new personal account first thing in the Monday.

I find that in prime.log file:

Unreserving exponent 21203177

I didn't manualy unreserve that exponent. It happens in the process of transfering exponents from old account to new account.

Anyway, I will try to add that exponent to my worktodo file. I already have four exponents in worktodo file. Can I have more than four exponents in worktodo file? What is the max number of exponents I can have in worktodo file?

I ask that because in the process of transfering exponents I add five exponents in my worktodo file, and when I manualy contact server I get message "Unreserving exponent 21203177". So I was thinking maybe it's because I put to many exponents in worktodo file.

Thanks for comments and help! :smile:

garo 2003-11-16 17:56

Prime95 determines how many exponents to keep in the worktodo.ini based on what you selected in the Days of Work fiield. The default is 10 and this means Prime95 will unreserve all exponents that are going to start after one month of that date ie 10+30 = 40 days. Of course the number of exponents you can complete in that time depends on the speed of your machine.

BTW, if the exponent was unreserved, it has likely been assigned to someone else now so don't worry about it.

edorajh 2003-11-16 18:01

OK Garo! Thanks for clarification!

patrik 2003-11-16 23:00

You can also set UnreserveDays in prime.ini. See undoc.txt (search for unreserve in that file).

(21203177 is still not reserved since the server has been handing out smaller exponents, but those will be gone in an hour, so I agree that it would be best to leave it. Remember that the status files are updated only at the full hours. However, I take no responsibility for that advice in case 21203177 should turn out to be the next Mersenne prime. :wink: )

edorajh 2003-11-17 00:49

[QUOTE]However, I take no responsibility for that advice in case 21203177 should turn out to be the next Mersenne prime. [/QUOTE]

:smile: I just have to live with that posibility. :wink:

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