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Prime95 2019-10-26 22:47

Web page tweaks
FYI, the web page menus now take you to Top First Primality Producers rather than Top LL Producers. Similarly for DC.

The headings at [url][/url] changed from LL to LL/PRP. In the Status Unproven column group, I'm thinking of deleting the LLERR column. The server treats these as needing an immediate retest (i.e. NO-LL / available for first time testing). I could break apart the LL/PRP column into LL and PRP. This might be considered useful information as status unproven PRP is considered more reliable than a status unproven LL test.


ixfd64 2019-10-26 23:42

I'm going to be a little pedantic, but I would suggest also updating the legend at the bottom of the page.

[QUOTE]Legend for first 8 columns: P = Prime, F = At least one known factor, LL-D = Double-checked LL/PRP,
LL = One Lucas-Lehmer/PRP test, LLERR = One Lucas-Lehmer/PRP test with possible hardware errors
NO-LL = No Lucas-Lehmer/PRP test run[/QUOTE]

It's currently a bit inaccurate for a few reasons:

1. An exponent could fall into more than one category while the server treats the categories as mutually exclusive.
2. The legend only explains six columns.

I suggest the following changes:

[QUOTE]Legend for first 8 columns:

[COLOR="Blue"]Exponent Start = Beginning of range (one million exponents per range)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Blue"]Range Count = Candidates in range[/COLOR]
P = Prime
F = At least one known factor
LL-D = Double-checked LL/PRP [COLOR="Blue"]without known factors[/COLOR]
LL = One Lucas-Lehmer/PRP test [COLOR="Blue"]with no known errors[/COLOR]
LLERR = One Lucas-Lehmer/PRP test with possible hardware errors
NO-LL = No Lucas-Lehmer/PRP test run[/QUOTE]

I've changed it to one description per line to improve readability.

Perhaps also change "Lucas-Lehmer/PRP test" to "primality test" for the sake of conciseness.

Prime95 2019-10-26 23:58

Another note:

At [url][/url] the assignments graph will reflect PRP assignments as well as LL assignments starting tomorrow.

Fan Ming 2019-10-27 06:06

Should Reports->Detailed Reports include PRP results?

retina 2019-10-27 06:30

If in the future a new test comes along would we then get LL/PRP/New? That would make it more confusing.

So, I think any reference to the test algorithm isn't needed. So LL and PRP should be replaced with something like FC (first check). I notice we now have DC (double check), that is good. Let's follow that with FC.

The the NO-LL column also needs a rename, NO-FC. Else how to name that? NO-LL/PRP? That would be too long IMO.

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