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chris2be8 2013-07-15 16:42

See post #123 for the poly for the middle number.

Got it. Sorry for the oversight. And thanks for the poly.

I'll wait until I've factored those 3 before I submit any more numbers (unless you are running out of test cases).


swellman 2013-07-15 21:21

[QUOTE=firejuggler;346204]If anyone need a poly in this range (150-170 digit) , ask. Or if I forgot one in this thread, remind me.[/QUOTE]

If this offer still stands, would you mind attempting to find a good poly for this C169?

[/code]It's a cofactor of C169_123_109 from the [URL=""]xyyx project[/URL].

I can reciprocate by running some ECM or other factoring task for you.


firejuggler 2013-07-15 21:27

C 176 of seq 3270.i677, found a better one, still not very good
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 R0: -2568057394873298560629759814025187
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 R1: 439667603047187
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 A0: -2376484718573209075312622593319346652671680
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 A1: -766203357705019533635038915567469368
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 A2: 205162472710480561266546759890
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 A3: -4007692778132342016203
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 A4: -523802142731100
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 A5: 213513300
Mon Jul 15 19:59:59 2013 skew 8257159.93, size 2.875e-017, alpha -8.679, combined = 1.327e-013 rroots = 3
now will give a nudge to

(the 155-digit cofactor of 9436.1316)

Swellman, I'll get you something in the next 48 hours.

swellman 2013-07-15 21:53

Thanks a lot!

firejuggler 2013-07-15 23:21

i've got a decent one for 9436.i1316, search continuing

score is supposed to be 2.55e-012 to > 2.93e-012
R0: -968570173465693155394698061307
R1: 475524413938021
A0: 428389013154971721280710914712321354000
A1: 292799622011886831826018199855838
A2: -9878586190707635075783980
A3: -13948567785977503723
A4: 427349694910
A5: 100920
skew 6966773.42, size 4.361e-015, alpha -7.161, combined = 2.665e-012 rroots = 5

VBCurtis 2013-07-16 03:34

I'll give the C169 an overnight run too, and then run the c176 while away on another trip wed-sun.
No improvement in day 2 of C176 from the 1.32e-13 I had in day 1.

wombatman 2013-07-16 03:58

To throw in with Curtis on the C176, I still haven't managed anything better than 1.281e-13. Still working on it, though.

wombatman 2013-07-16 04:15

Polynomial Request Thread
Far be it for me in all my newbie-ness to proclaim anything, but given the recent spate of number requests, I thought it might be nice to have a thread devoted to requests for polynomial searches by those of us with free GPUs so the numbers aren't lost in the jumble of a thread.

I don't know who moderates this particular forum (Jason?), but it'd be nice to be able to edit this post past the typical 60 minute limit, if possible.

In case the board isn't able to do that without a lot of effort, I'm going to make a google document to store all the requests, those who have announced intentions to search (and what intervals, if that is specified), and perhaps the best poly score provided for a given number.

In terms of general ground rules, my thoughts are that they should be something like this:

1) Unless otherwise specified by the person requesting, any number of people may choose to search on a given number.

2) If the factoring of said number leads to any kind of publication or something similar, the person who found the polynomial used must receive appropriate recognition (listed as an author on an article? I would welcome suggestions here).

Honestly, I think that covers the best stuff--if anybody has any other suggestions, please feel free to comment, and I'll add them.

For now, the google doc is located here: [url][/url]

I think it will not be accessible until your email is added. Worse comes to worst, I can email it to you. If you would like to be added, just PM me your address. I do solemnly swear your email will only be used for good! :whistle:

firejuggler 2013-07-16 15:22

second one for 9436.i1316
polynomial selection complete
R0: -497297792444644756750585103945
R1: 6087136917587
A0: -2669879484961643012363909599431422364
A1: 7170432640162821655875608918240
A2: -5086090535159906315799875
A3: -11125962104135412730
A4: 6115975384434
A5: 2828460
skew 1395299.68, size 4.087e-015, alpha -6.778, combined = 2.603e-012 rroots = 3
Now, onto C169_123_109

VBCurtis 2013-07-16 17:13

Day 1 on the C169 produced 3.315e-13. I'll put a second day on it before resuming the C176.

firejuggler 2013-07-16 21:23

Day 1 for the C169 produced a 3.694e-13
R0: -384580347035682112978309208888480
R1: 7069004002408717
A0: 3465513533571190599220783764906879085904469
A1: 1069822016219563236870593762230230147
A2: 66001602968642015370778936319
A3: -270830722426445846387
A4: -30351561461328
A5: 261900
skew 42174313.97, size 1.629e-016, alpha -7.922, combined = 3.694e-013 rroots =5

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