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Zenmastur 2003-07-25 19:56

Problem with Newpgen
I'm running Newpgen Ver. 2.81 when ever the divisor exceeds 2^32-1 the program performs performs an illegal operation and dies. I'm running a 1.4Ghz Athlon that passes the Prime95 torture test.

Anyone have any sugestions as to why this might happen?

QuintLeo 2003-07-27 20:02

I suspect that your NEWPGEN program might be programmed to use unsigned INTs - which have a hard limit at 32 bits - at some point internally.

You might try asking the author if there's an update to handle longer exponents.

ebx 2003-08-02 06:36

Isnt the next number after 2^32-1 zero(0) in 32 bit notation?

QuintLeo 2003-08-02 17:17

Yup - and divide by 0 has long been classified as an error....


smh 2003-08-02 19:43

on error resume next ;)

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