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ixfd64 2021-03-02 07:29

Prime95 lost some settings after computer crash
I mentioned in an [url=]earlier post[/url] that one of my computers sometimes crashes on waking up. In most cases, Prime95 is unaffected besides losing up to 30 minutes of progress. However, the most recent crash caused some settings to be reset:
[LIST][*]The number of worker windows was reset to 1[*]The computer name in the PrimeNet options disappeared[*]The maximum memory allowed was reset to 8 MB[*]I also got an error message saying the spool file was corrupt[/LIST]
I'm using Prime95 29.8 on this particular computer. Has this issue been resolved in later versions?

S485122 2021-03-02 10:16

Could it be a "disk" error ?

Another possibility could be that the crash denied the flushing of the disk caches, meaning some processes couldn't save their data correctly.

There are some settings about sleep states allowed in the BIOS. It might be a possibility to circumvent the problem.

Crashes waking from sleep are not normal : you should investigate what happens, use the the Windows 10 Event Viewer to look at the different event logs for information about what happened at the time of the crash.

I don't think the problem is Prime95 related, but it would be a good thing to update to the latest version : [url=]FTP from Prime95 30.4 build 9 64 bits[/url], the [url=] download page[/url] is not up to date.


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