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jasong 2017-11-11 06:50
I'm really sorry if this is seen as advertising, but I'm hoping the fact that I don't benefit financially makes it okay.

A lot of people nowadays torrent their shows, not because they're scumbags, but because the online situation with video is quite the cluster.

Enter . Using this service makes it way, waaaaaaaay easier to find your shows. Whenever you want to watch tv online, you just start with reelgood. After a bit of setup, it's just point and click. You can give yourself a wishlist and track what shows and episodes you've already seen. Simple, easy, and less likely to get you into accommodations where you don't get the key to your room and the walls by your entrance are actually bars.


Stargate38 2017-11-12 16:47

As long as you don't keep posting it repeatedly, you should be fine.

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