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garo 2003-02-18 21:44

If both matching results are his, one of us should step up and do a sixth one just in case. Let's keep an eye out shall we?

dswanson 2003-02-18 22:56

Does George count a result as a match if both halves of the match come from the same user? If one half of the match comes from Shane, and the other half comes from one of the earlier tests, I don't think there's a concern. Basically this would say that Shane found his first result to be wrong. But if both halves come from the same place, I think the concern is legitimate.

Darak 2003-02-18 23:27

George doesn't count any two matching results from the same account. The reason being (apart from possibility of cheating & maintaining a diversity of hardware/software involved in the test) is that any time you toggle report results to Primenet all the results will be resubmitted (hence 2 of the 4 results are by user SW).

I'm 99.99% sure the result I just turned in was the one bad given it didn't match either of the other 2. I was in the process of building a new machine and swapped some ram around in my machines and as it turns out which bank the ram populated made a difference in its stability. I had just fixed the problem when dswanson let me know the result I turned in didn't work.

I've already rerun the exponent and indeed the 2 results didn't match. I’m just waiting for the server to come back to report the result.

Prime95 2003-02-19 05:33

[quote="dswanson"]Does George count a result as a match if both halves of the match come from the same user?[/quote]

Yes, but they have to be separate runs (the shift_count value on the results line is different). Brian Beesley runs triple-checks on these in his spare time.

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