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Thomas11 2011-09-02 11:29

I would like the idea to go with the k=2000-2300 range, starting from n=700k.

According to ([URL=""][/URL]) the following Ks have already been tested to n=1M (or beyond):

2065, 2073, 2087, 2089, 2093, 2109, 2123, 2125, 2151, 2153,
2155, 2177, 2179, 2185, 2199 (tested by Amphoria to 1M)

2235, 2265, 2295 (part of the 7th drive, tested to 1M)

2293 (Riesel k, tested by PrimeGrid)

Other Ks obviously tested to 1M:
2145, 2175 (Curtis ?)
2187 (L. Zhou)
2203 (Gillion)

Can someone confirm this list?
Are there any other Ks to be omitted?

BTW.: Does anyone has the latest n<1M sieve file from PrimeSearch. The download links seem to be broken and the latest file I have is from May 13th...

Kosmaj 2011-09-02 12:35

My last n<1M sieve file is from April 7 :sad:

amphoria 2011-09-02 16:53

[QUOTE=Kosmaj;270635]My last n<1M sieve file is from April 7 :sad:[/QUOTE]

I have 13th June file which is the latest one that was posted.

I have just checked on the PrimeSearchTeam forum and it still appears to be available at [url][/url].

Note that John has just posted that the final file sieved to 100P will be posted during September.

VBCurtis 2011-09-03 05:15

Steven (sjtjung), chaos13, and I are nearly done testing the following k's to 1M:
2055, 2085, 2115, 2145, 2175.

We have small gaps to fill to reach 900k, and then about 50k block to test in the 900-1000 range. We will decide whether to merge these k's with this new drive at 1M later, once the drive nears 1M.

gd_barnes 2011-09-03 08:01

I saw discussion here about searching a large group of contiguous k's. I think that would be a great idea for RPS. Please note that NPLB effectively abandonded the k=2000-3400 range at n=600K because it was too large for our resources. If you guys want to work on a portion of or that entire range instead of k>4000, be our guest. Due to the smaller k's, you'd get a little faster test times for some n-ranges. That would mean that there wouldn't be a big "hole" for k=2000-3400.


gd_barnes 2011-09-03 08:08

[QUOTE=VBCurtis;270598]I would like to start as low as possible, as I believe there's goodness in cataloging as many primes as we can find.

re: Thomas' idea, it's a tough spot. NPLB does not have the resources to test all of 1400-3000 even to keep up with 5000th place, but Gary is nothing if not territorial and rather unlikely to quietly cede any of that range. If I am wrong about his interests and they realize they can't do it all, I'd vote for 2000-2300- that way, we'd have 5-300, 1001-1300 (peter), 2001-2300.

Territorial? OK, if you say so. :-)

Like I said in the last post, take what you want for k=2000-3400. We're still squeaking by with k=1400-2000 so we'll continue with that range for the time being.

em99010pepe 2011-09-20 13:47

I know I am late but drives at 1M and beyond should be considered not only for the size of the primes but for gathering points for the Top 5000 ranking's. For the moment I can't help because life circumstances changed :down: , I miss prime search a lot.
The only thing I can offer right now is to host or a prpnet server or a llrnet one with full remote access to Kosmaj or Curtis or Thomas...

Thomas11 2011-09-21 16:50

Just as an info:

Besides the 11th drive, Peter and I are also testing the range k=2300-3000 (in total: 315 Ks) starting from n=666666. You may have noticed our recent primes. Initial target is to get them to n=700k, which means about 300000 tests. If someone wants to join this effort, just let us know...

The following Ks are EXCLUDED:
2325, 2355, 2415, 2445, 2505, 2547, 2565, 2591, 2655, 2685,
2715, 2741, 2745, 2775, 2797, 2835, 2895, 2925, 2927, 2929,
2931, 2933, 2935, 2937, 2939, 2941, 2943, 2945, 2947, 2949,
2951, 2953, 2955, 2983, 2985

Thomas11 2011-11-16 10:38

Due to the recent activity in the 11th drive I'd like to ask again whether there is some interest in another sub-megabit drive.

pb386 and I have tested [B]k=2300-3000[/B] for n=666666-700000 so far (see above post). Shall we open it as another team drive starting from n=700k ?

VBCurtis 2011-11-17 04:10

I would suggest waiting until the 11th passes 800k, so that we maintain as great a variety of n-levels in our drives as possible. Then I checked the status of 11th, and it's at 792k- making my suggestion moot.

Sounds like a good idea.

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