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chalsall 2021-07-11 17:53

Halsall "in the press"...
So, I normally work "behind the scenes". Often covered by many NDAs...

But, sometimes, I'm able to speak publicly about things. Today was one example.

For anyone interested, please see [URL=""]this article discussing Barbados' experience after Hurricane Elsa[/URL] published on a local Bajan blog. Like here, the SNR can often be low, but /sometimes/ serious discussion can occur.

LaurV 2021-07-12 15:42

Why do you need to go "in the press"?
No need to go there.
Stay here with us and we promise you we will press you hard every time you need.


chalsall 2021-07-12 19:12

[QUOTE=LaurV;583061]Stay here with us and we promise you we will press you hard every time you need.[/QUOTE]

LOL! Thanks for that. Sincerely. The MF is an excellent training ground.

Sometimes I need to be comfortable, and able, to stand alone. :chalsall:

chalsall 2021-10-27 20:58

One of the reasons I deeply appreciate the Mersenne Forum is it is (generally) extremely serious.

I don't do Fakebook, Twitter et al. IMHO, they are a total waste of attention (read: Time; the ultimate currency).

But... I do observe, and sometimes participate with, a Blog called [URL=""]Barbados Underground[/URL] AKA BU.

As here at MF, I post on BU using my real name. I believe a "voice" should only be taken seriously if its owner is known. Or, in exceptional situations, if there's a justifiable reason why the owner can't reveal themselves (personally safety, etc).

This scares the shit out of many people, including my WMBO.

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing..." doesn't seem to calm them much. Perhaps that's because they don't understand the multiple dimensions being "worked".

For anyone who has some time to waste, please see [URL=""]this recent thread[/URL].

Doing this kind of work requires being *very* comfortable with oneself.

It's also, sometimes, worth the risk. :chalsall:

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