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Przem 2015-10-06 10:44

Prime95 - hours per day question
Hi there,

I am new to this project and although I have read the FAQs and searched for some info around the wiki, I haven't found the answer for my following questions:

1) Do I *have* to run the program for the amount of time I have set in the prime95 program? I mean, sometimes I have my PC on for 24h, sometimes for 1h and there are times I am not using my PC for weeks.

2) This is rather a follow-up question to the previous one - so, I would use the program in a very irregular way - would that cause me any problems and for example get me banned/suspended from the project?

I should be grateful if someone would answer to my questions.

Cheers :)

LaurV 2015-10-06 12:00

1. No. That is only used to estimate the ETA, in the beginning (when you join the project). Later, more complex ways are used, which take into account your real activity, so that number has not much importance. An example of secondary effect, if your ETA is long, you may not get low assignments. You run the computer how many hours per day you like, nobody is forcing you to do something out of normal, etc.

2. No. We do this for fun, and every contribution is welcomed. 101 miles per hour is better than 100 miles per hour. Nobody will blame you for your voluntary time and electricity money, no matter how small this contribution is.

Przem 2015-10-06 12:09

Thank you for your answer and clarification.

LaurV 2015-10-06 15:16

You are welcome.
You should read also the [URL=""]assignment rules.[/URL] You may lose your assignment if you don't meet the deadlines.
The thresholds change in time.
But in the beginning you will only get cat 4 assignments, so no worry.
If you lose an assignment for which you did significant work and you want to continue (to avoid wasting the work you already did), then you can continue (in fact, Prime95 will continue by default, unless you tell it to cancel the work and start new exponent) and when you finish and report the result, you will still get your credit, like nothing happened. The only risk in this case is that someone else may get the assignment after it expires and during you struggle to finish it, the new guy can finish it and find a prime :smile:
In that case he takes the glory, as "legal" assignee.
But again, no worries, most of the exponents turn out composite mersennes.

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